2021 High School Boys Volleyball Season


UPDATE 3/9/2021


If you have been paying attention to the news, you may have heard about a settlement that the State of California reached in a lawsuit, allowing for the resumption of indoor sports if certain protocols are followed. This has been the variable change that I referred to needing to happen in order to play and is closer to the NFHS's guidance which was issued a month ago regarding high school sports and Covid transmission. 


At this moment we are awaiting to hear specifics from the school district about the execution of these rules, but here is what I can tell you at this moment:

  • This settlement allows for the return to full contact practice and competition. We can only return to this level of play if we follow the protocols set forth by the State.

  • Periodic Covid testing is required for all athletes, which will take place at school, free of charge. Our outdoor programs are already doing this. What we do not know is what does "periodic" mean, and are awaiting clarification. What I assume will happen is that your son will be tested by our athletic trainer, probably on a Mon/Thur schedule, using a spit test.

  • I have no info on mask mandates for practices and/or games. We will follow whatever the district tells us. Currently we are wearing masks during practice and will until told otherwise. 

  • There will be no transportation provided by the school. All transportation to games will be the responsibility of the player.

  • I have no info at the moment regarding spectators. We can livestream our home games and if we need to find a way to livestream an away game, we'll figure it out.

  • I am assuming a start date will be the week of 3/22, which is the first week back from Spring Break. The day of that week which we start will be dependent upon when we can get the boys tested.

  • Practice times and locations will be a challenge due to the fact that we must share the gym with Girls basketball, Boys Basketball and possibly Girls Volleyball. I expect us to have practices offsite at local middle schools such as Pioneer, Orchard Hills, and Utt. I have no ability at this moment to determine which team will practice where or at what time.

  • Some of you had asked about Spring Break and whether going on a trip conflicts with it. Go on your trip.

There will be a lot of info coming out over the next two weeks, which will hopefully start to be distributed via our team parents, which will be a request that will be coming from our booster club soon, I assume. I do need to know if there are any families who are choosing not to participate in this upcoming season due to Covid concerns. It's a tough decision, I get that, and I'm going to support your position on it however I can; so please let me know as soon as possible.